Registration Fleet # Bus Type Bus Company - State
DC9560 Hino BG100 Taylor Coaches - TAS
Route Description Photographer
000 Heres a rather average looking DC9560 Hino BG100 / PMC with Taylor Coaches of Hillwood, Tasmania. Pictured outside their Ridge Street depot/home. However, there was a special and instant connection at first sight...... memories flood back to around 27 years ago, long before the known interest in buses. Back when a child going to town with mum on Ruttys Bus Service! This was ex m/o 6137. The door control, dash, seating colour, lighting and leaking skylight in the step deck were all as I remembered, and thats all I remember of it. I could never picture the bus as a child pulling up at the bus stop, I just knew the interior. Sadly the owner was not home and i could not board or check for a desto roll. Maybe i sound weird.... But, theres something about reliving a long lost childhood moment. Matthew Jennings

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